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SEEDS StandardS


Following are the final standards as passed by the SEEDS’ membership now with the initial guidelines included (click here to download).  The guidelines are intended to both clarify the existing standards and suggest more specific non-mandatory aspirational practices.  Unless a guideline is specifically interpreting a standard, it does not require further compliance.  It is merely a recommendation.

The guidelines were added to help you fully understand the purpose and intent of the standards as a whole.  Not every standard has a guideline. If the committee believed the standard was clear on its face and easily applied, no guideline was proposed.  It is important to note that, if any member believes additional clarification or interpretation of a standard is necessary or beneficial, the standards committee is happy to add to and/or amend the guidelines so they are clearer and more comprehensive.  Simply communicate any additional questions,  issues, or additions that you believe would be beneficial, and the committee will review and incorporate them if reasonably appropriate. The guidelines are flexible and easily enhanced.  They do not require further membership vote or approval.

Please send any and all comments to Jennifer McGill, Standards Committee Co-Chair:


Standards are the mandatory requirements for membership that set forth minimum best practices in the industry.  

Guidelines are intended to provide more extensive perspective/advice around best practices. Guidelines provide support to and expand on directions provided by the standards.

Thank you for your continued support and patience with our committee.  We appreciate all of your feedback and words of encouragement.  We serve our members.

Thank you for your input, 

The Standards Committee

Diane Hinson (Committee Chair)

Jennifer McGill (Committee Co-Chair)

Rich Vaughn (Committee Member)

Wendie Wilson-Miller (Committee Member & SEEDS Board Member)

Steve Snyder (Committee Member & SEEDS Board Member)

Sunday Crider (Committee Member & SEEDS Officer)

Sam Hyde (Committee Member & SEEDS Officer)

Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy

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