Membership in The Society for Ethics in Egg Donation & Surrogacy (SEEDS) is voluntary. Our mission is to work together with our members and peers to help define the highest ethical standards in the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry. While attorneys and medical professionals are licensed and regulated by individual states, no state or other body regulates egg donation and surrogacy programs. It is the goal of SEEDS that all of its members will meet or exceed the Ethical Standards it has established. To that end, the SEEDS Grievance Committee was established to provide a pathway for those in the industry, both professionals and consumers, to voice concerns or register complaints. The Committee cannot offer legal advice nor can we help someone file a grievance. It also is important to remember that the Ethical Standards are not enforceable rules. It is the goal of the Committee to assist the parties in reaching a resolution to a legitimate problem or creating understanding where there was misunderstanding.



• Your grievance cannot be changed, edited or deleted once it has been submitted.

• An exact copy of your grievance will be sent to the business you are filing the complaint against.

• The text of your grievance may be publicly posted on SEEDS Web site (SEEDS reserves the right to not post in accordance with SEEDS policy).  Please do not include any personally identifiable information when you tell us about your problem or in your desired outcome. By submitting your grievance, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the business.