Storing Information

Storing Information I Background Often the agency is the only entity that has the true and complete identifying and contact information for all parties involved in an egg donation and surrogacy agreement. Although this is … Read More

Psychological Evaluations

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROTOCOL FOR EGG, SPERM AND EMBRYO DONATION AND SURROGACY Statement of Purpose This document describes best practices for the psychological screening of potential egg, sperm and embryo donors and gestational carriers. Our goal is … Read More

Protecting Confidential Information

Agency Responsibility to Protect Confidential Information I Background Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agencies house very sensitive information from social security numbers, medical records, to anonymous egg donation contracts. As the record keeper, it is the … Read More

Obligation to Disclose

Emotional Disclosure for Egg Donation to IP’s and ED Ethics Standards Agency’s responsibility regarding Emotional Disclosure I Background Egg Donor Agencies work with all types of personalities when it comes to both the donors and … Read More

Genetic Evaluations for Gamete Donors

STANDARD OF CARE GENETICS CONSULTATIONS FOR GAMETE DONORS Statement of Purpose These recommendations represent the ideal standard of care for evaluating gamete donor family history for their suitability for gamete donation according to published guidelines. … Read More

Gauging Emotional Readiness of Egg Donors

Agency’s responsibility in Gauging the Emotional Maturity and Commitment of Egg Donors I Background Egg Donor Agencies work with very diverse groups of egg donors who have widely varying personality types as well as current … Read More

Agency Agreements for Recipients

Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) Ethics Standard Agency Agreements re: Egg Donation with Intended Parents I Background Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agencies enter into contractual relationships with their “customers”, known as … Read More

Agency Agreements with an Egg Donor

Ethics Standard of Agency Agreements with Egg Donor I Background In any egg donation arrangement 3 contracts should be executed: Contract between the Egg Donor and Agency (Egg Donor Understanding Agreement), Contract between the Intended … Read More

Advertising Guidelines for Egg Donors

Ethical Standards for Advertising for Egg Donors I BACKGROUND Egg Donor and/or Surrogacy Agencies frequently advertise in print and Internet media and also to a lesser extent in other media (TV, Radio, Trade Shows, Seminars, … Read More

Ethical Business Practices Among Agencies

Ethical Business Practices Among Agencies Egg Donors I BACKGROUND This SEEDS Ethics Principle is intended to refer specifically to ethical business practices among agencies in which donors are being shared between programs, are registered with … Read More